Friday, April 18, 2014

Bernadette Protti's Character

 People were shocked that Bernadette had actually committed this crime. Here are some of the ways that she has been described from classmates and other people that knew her.

 One person that used to have Bernadette baby sit for her children couldn't believe it. She stated: ''There has to be a terrible mistake. I don't know who else I would trust my children to. She's full of grace, sympathy and love.''

Other described her as sweet and popular girl who worked in the school office and was a part of the swim team.

Monday, March 17, 2014

What Made the Police Suspect Her?

According to Sheriff's Capt. Stanley Garvin , who was one of the original investigators, the main thing that stood out to them was the fact that she did not make the cut for the cheerleading squad. 

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bernadette having a baby?

Now, I don't know how accurate this is, but I thought I would drop this bit of tea. So, every now and then I will research under Bernadette's new name just to see how she is doing.

Well, I came across a website for baby registries. Bernadette and her husband are registered there. The website published the state they live in and the expected due date, which was April of this year.

No other information was found under the site.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Investigation Discovery shows to feature more Bernadette Protti storires

I was contacted by two production companies who are planning to do more Investigation Discovery shows featuring the story of Bernadette and Kirsten Costas. It should be interesting. Atlas Media Corp. and Siren's Media are currently researching the case for a new true crime show.

So be on the look out for those sometime next summer.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bernadette Protti Has a New Identity

After being released from prison in 1992 at the age of 23 she left Ventura County. I figured out that what she did was try to throw off the public by telling them that she had moved away, changed her name, and was pursuing an arts degree. Well, she did leave the state not as soon as she was released though, and as it turns out she ended up pursuing a science degree. I am not exactly sure when she finally left California, but she did not change her name until 1994, and then she married which made her last name change again. So she was able to almost completely disappear from public view. She continued through college and received a Master's degree. She is a nurse and medical writer. She is very well known and writes for a highly publicized scientific journal. She is married to a (hmm... I am not sure what to call him) He has worked as a professor and works in the science field. She has a family, but I do not know how many children she has. She has moved around a lot since she left Ventura county. (Ventura County is where the California Youth Authority's Ventura school is) A recent photo of her looks almost identical to the new photo that I have posted. She just looks alot older.

Just a side note: I wrote a few years ago about seeing an actual photo of Bernadette on a website where she was employed at one time. In fact she was on the board of directors. I won't go into it again too deeply, but I decided not to publish the new photo mainly because she seems to have gone out of her way to hide her identity. It does not appear that she has ever had any more run ins with the law since that time. And the release of her new identity, would truly devastate her new life. I did not want to be responsible for that.  I am really not sure if her husband and children know, but I am certain no one who has worked with her knows. She does not like attention drawn to the case at all. In fact, the photos which were once on the net have ALL been taken down (except one small photo hard to see photo) since the blog post Bernadette Protti Found! was written. I did make a copy of the photo. I copy all of the photos that appear on the site just in case they are deleted at some point.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bernadette Protti's New Name

Just responding to the anonymous poster who posted on the Death of a Cheerleader site that her name was Bernadette Mazu..k....Don't want to publish that name on here, but that is a book author who happens to have written some books on nursing and that is not her.  Here's a little clue....her name is no longer Bernadette. She changed her first and last name before she married. When she married her last name changed again.

Keep trying guys never stop. :)